live coding system

by Joenio M. Costa

Joenio Marques da Costa



  • Research Software Engineer
  • Work at CorTexT Platform
  • Software Heritage Ambassador
  • Debian Contributor
  • Live Coder and Visual Artist


  • the name is inspired by the musical style dub
  • dub consists of remixes of existing music
  • dublang consists of remixes of existing software

dublang architecture

dublang code example


{ SinOsc.ar([220, 140]) }.play


d1 $ sound "808bd(3,8)"
   # shape 0.2

dublang demo video

Plugin Description
alda Alda programming language for music composition
espeak eSpeak speech synthesizer
festival Festival Speech Synthesis System
foxdot FoxDot Python-based language for making music
fudi FUDI Pure Data networking protocol
git Git version control system
gource Gource version control visualization tool
lebiniou Le Biniou music visualization tool
mpv MPV media player
obs OBS Studio screencasting and streaming app
puredata Pure Data (Pd) visual programming language
sardine Sardine Python musical instrument
sm SM displays multi-line text fullscreen as large as possible
supercollider SuperCollider real-time audio synthesis environment
tidalcycles Tidal Cycles live coding environment and algorithmic patterns

dublang webpage


dublang source code



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