Lightning talk 5min introduction

by Joenio M. Costa

21 June 2024

Joenio Marques da Costa



  • Research Software Engineer
  • Work at Cortext Platform
  • Software Heritage Ambassador
  • Data Univ Eiffel Ambassador
  • Debian Contributor
  • Computer Artist

My work

  • RSE at Gustave Eiffel University, France
  • Backend software development and QA
  • DevOps, documentation and management
  • PhD candidate at Federal Univ. of Bahia, Brazil
    • Topic: Research Software Sustainability

My proposal

  • Apply F-UJI to Analizo and Cortext
  • Improve Analizo and Cortext documentation
    • in terms of visibility, citation and findable
  • Deploy F-UJI fork locally, test and evaluate
  • Create a command line tool for F-UJI
  • Write report about F-UJI results

Analizo is a multi-language Research Software tool for source code analysis

  • Extraction and calculation of source code metrics
  • Generation of dependency graphs
  • Software evolution analysis
  • Support for: C, C++, Java, C# and Python (beta)
  • Free Software, written in Perl


Cortext is a web platform for data analysis and visualization for social sciences and humanities

  • Partially Free Software, written in PHP, JS, Perl, Python
  • Multiple repositories, maintained by a team of 5 developers
  • Hosted by LISIS laboratory, funded by IFRIS and INRAE


F-UJI report for Analizo

F-UJI report generated in 20 June 2024


Problems and ideas



This presentation is available at:


export presentation to pdf (require chromium browser)

(source-code: https://gitlab.com/joenio/joenio.gitlab.io)

Licença Creative Commons

Presentation history

Where and when this presentation was done

  • 21 Jun 2024, Online, FAIR-IMPACT: Open Call path1 second Workshop