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The Carpentries History

source: carpentries.github.io/instructor-training

The Carpentries Audience

  • Software Carpentry
    researchers who need to program more effectively

  • Data Carpentry
    researchers who are dealing with significant data

  • Library Carpentry
    people in library and information related roles


  • 2-days, active learning
  • centrally-organised or self-organised
  • feedback to learners throughout the workshop
  • trained instructors
  • friendly learning environment

Some examples of workshops:

Instructors around the world


The Carpentries Annual Report 2021 source: carpentries.org/reports



☑ Choose: ❌ create a new lesson or ❎ add SWH to existing ones
☑ Identify potential Carpentries lessons and episodes to contribute, sort by priority
☐ List SWH topics, concepts and features to add on each identified lesson
☐ Choose the 1st lesson, 1st episode to add SWH material

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